QA Lead

Employment Type : Full-time
Location : Bangalore India & Houston TX, United States
Client : Leading Integrated Power Company in USA
Methodology : Agile

Main Responsibilities :
- Maintain client relationship
- Manage onsite and offshore teams
- Drive QA Planning, Design, Automation, Data and Defect Management activities
- Support in Cloud Migration

Platforms Under Test :
- Windows (Firefox, Edge & Chrome Browsers for Websites)
- MacOS (Safari for Websites)
- Android (Mobile web and app)
- iOS (Mobile web and app)

- Scrum Master
- AWS Cloud Practitioner

Tools Utilized Currently :
- Rally - Microsoft ADO - AWS - Postman - Cypress - Selenium - Soap UI - Putty/Unix Server Logs - Jenkins - Oracle SQL Developer - Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Visual Studio Code - MIRO - Trello


Journey before QA Lead

3. Associate Software Engineer
2. Software Engineer
1. Senior Software QA Engineer

Employment Type : Full-time
Locations : Bangalore, India & Houston TX, United States
Clients : North America Leading Telecom & Payment Providers | L
Methodology: Waterfall & Hybrid

Main Responsibilities:
Schedule daily sync-up meetings with offshore team to co-ordinate and assign testing tasks and collaborate with Onsite client teams for status & progress.
Maintain traceability matrix and clarification trackers for each project and teams involved.
Drive SAP CRM, CCS, Smoke, Lights out, System Integration Testing (SIT), Compatibility testing, API Testing, Localization Testing, UAT.
Analysis of the UAT tickets using HP ALM, Bugzilla, Service Now, Splunk Logs, Risk Manager and presentation of the analysis to the IT Director, Dev Manager and QA Manager.
Maintain automation scripts using Eclipse, Perfecto Mobile, CBT, Selenium, SeeTest, Worksoft.

We can collaborate and discuss further about my work experience and responsibilities handled in my prior commitments.

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Work Outside Work


My depiction of Zen on a starry night.

Platform : iPad Pro
Tools : Apple Pencil
App : Procreate
Title : An evening to remember - Earth Day.

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